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Oregon, USA
3616HST Mahindra Tractor
David & Helen enjoying their
new 3616HST Mahindra
Tractor & Loader!
RedMax GZ400 Chain Saw
Jeremiah with his new RedMax GZ400
Chain Saw, winner of
our Facebook/Twitter contest!
"I enjoyed working with you on
already put this nice saw to good
dream and starts easily."

- Bob, owner of a
Husqvarna 450 Chain Saw
"Getting great use from tractor and
mower...Will call if I need service, etc...and
you can count on me for referrals."

- Ray, owner of a Max 22 HST Mahindra
Tractor/Loader & Husqvarna
YTH24V54XLS Lawn Tractor.
"Just decided to take a minute & let you know we are LOVING the 2615. I already pulled a
little stump (for practice) and have just about finished the septic drainfield. This is a very
capable combination, & a good strong backhoe (for a sensible user.) A hidden fringe
benefit of the nice big backhoe - with its comfy seat - This is a 2 SEAT TRACTOR!! We
can both ride without somebody sitting on a fender, etc.
Thanks again for helping us & having the exact item we needed. Oh, by the way, I am
loving the hst and don't know how I ever lived without it..."

- John, owner of a 2615 HST Mahindra Tractor, Loader, & Backhoe
my tractor.  Ted is already on his way
time and in good shape.   I already
noticed the difference in the engine just
driving it back to the house.   It didn't
miss!!   It didn't smoke either."

- Mike
have ever seen- I think in a pinch, surgery could be performed here if
needed! Mr. Roy was extremely helpful in discussing the operation
and maintenance of the tractor and at no time did I ever feel I was
being rushed. I felt that every question I had was answered honestly
- Wayne, owner of a 2015 HST Mahindra Tractor & Loader

I just wanted to e-mail you and let you know how fortunate you are to have Steven Roy, of
Valley View Tractor & Implement, in Newberg, Oregon, representing and selling your product.
This was the second tractor in the last six years that I have purchased. Through my
extensive experiences (sales lot visits, phone & e-mail contacts, etc.) during both of these
purchases, Steve was second to none for dealing with. He stands out above all of the rest
when it comes to doing business with. He was well knowledged in his product; fair, honest,
courtesious and personable in his business dealings; was prompt in responding back by
phone & e-mail, and had excellent delivery service. I just cannot say enough on how pleasant
it was in doing business with him. He will have all of my business in the future and I will
strongly recommend him to others for their purchases.

Also, I should say something about the 6500 4x4 tractor. Even though we have had it only for
a few days, my son is really enjoying running it around the farm for it's proper break-in
period. I am amazed at the quality of the product. I was a little concerned about buying a
tractor from India due to some of the stuff I have seen from other countries, but Steve's
excellent representation of your product convinced me that this was the right tractor for me. I
like Steve for my purchase. I hope that I can repay his excellent business practices with many
referral sales in the future. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future regarding the
performance of your product. I'm sure that I will be just as satisfied then as I am now!"

- Bob owner of a 6500 Mahindra Tractor & Loader
will enjoy using it, now if the
rain would only stop!"

-Ed, owner of TYM Tractor,
Also, Steve is a great guy and runs
a very tight ship!
I have already shared my
experience with several people."

- Drake, owner of a Husqvarna
Riding Lawn Mower